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A relaxing place in the heart of the Culver City!

A place with a history worth sharing!

Chef Epy humbly prepares each dish with the highest honor just for you.

Our food at EK Valley Restaurant is made and served with passion using recipes derived from the pre-Hispanic heritage of Oaxaca. Among the delicious dishes offered at EK Valley, mole is our specialty. Mole is traditionally served as a celebratory and ritual food for Zapotec nobles and kings. In fact one of Mole’s ingredients, cocoa, served as Mediterranean currency at one point in ancient times. Our recipe includes two dozen ingredients including chiles, seeds herbs and spices. 


Customers love our Restaurant

20 years of providing AMAZING food in Culver City

“... Highly recommended, delicious food for the meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Hands down best and most authentic mexican food in the area in my opinion.”
Los Angeles
“...I love the people and the food at this mom and pop shop. Brilliant presentation at a great value as well. It's the pearl in a sea of small Oaxacan restaurants in this area....”
Darin V.
El Segundo

Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events

Call us to cater your private parties, weddings and corporate events through our Culver City location. Have a small event coming up? Schedule your event at our Culver City location.



6121 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA
(310) 838-6839


A true gem in Culver City. The Mexican food is innovative with a traditional foundation. My favorites are the taquitos and mole enchiladas. The taquitos have a perfect blend of spices with a hint of what tastes like cinnamon...incredible!!!
Julie M.
Los Angeles